What is recovery? You might think of that concept if you get back something that had been lost or stolen. Or that concept fits your experience becoming ill, getting treatment, and returning to normal. In my view, recovery from trauma is more than revisiting the trauma, more than reversing the past, more than “moving on.”

Recovery is creating a new strong self that is active in your life, moving you toward aligning your life with your values. Your strengths, your capabilities, and your competencies will energize your recovery. Recovery is a series of tasks.

  • Connectedness. You establish connections who provide care and support.
  • Hope. You believe in a new future.
  • Identity. You form a new identity that is how you are redefining your life away from a victim and toward a survivor.
  • Meaning. You create a new meaning of your past.
  • Empowerment. Your strengths increase and form a foundation for your future.