How do adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse leave that darkness behind? The many damages present in adult lives after such abuse challenge our normal coping and recovery skills. Leaving the darkness behind is not the same as forgetting or somehow making the actions of others acceptable. But psychology has answers for us in strengths we already possess. Seven strengths are described in this book – resilience, grief, meaning, spirituality, connection, forgiveness, and hope – and their fulfillment in a thriving life.

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse can begin a recovery journey informed by accurate understandings, not myths, and empowered by processes that help them thrive. This book helps survivors find the road to recovery and learn healthy practices that will lead to thriving, not just surviving.

Written by an author who is herself a survivor and for audiences of all genders, this guide tells the truth about what complex trauma means for your physical and mental health, and the healing steps you can take. Readers will learn how to build key recovery processes into their lives, including grieving, meaning-making, forging healthy connections with others, and living in hope. This guidance is based in scientific findings from the field of positive psychology.

With self-assessments, journaling prompts, and suggested action steps to help you leave your darkness behind, this book is your essential interactive guide through the recovery journey.

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